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It is one of the most trustable network scanners to analyse LAN. It is a robust IP scanner. The application is easy to operate, scan a network in just a few seconds. The free advanced IP scanner is using by 22 million users. It displays all network devices and gives an easy access to shared folders. The advanced utility allows you to control your PC remotely through Radmin and RDP. Computers can remotely switch off and on. It is a reliable utility of almost every network admin.

One of the best parts of the Advance IP Scanner is that it can be operated with wired and wireless connections. While installing the app, there are 2 options related to run the app- you can either install it or run it without any setup. It means the software can run without installation. Due to its portable version, you are allowed to run the app on any device of your connectivity. In this way, you will be no more depended on only the primary computer to monitor network. The interface of the app is user friendly, needs not much time operate it singlehandedly.

Client Review

Liam Hennessey
Saint Kitts and Nevis

Hit and miss Does give ip and mac addresses to the devices it finds, but it misses several. Also, it listed an iPod as a computer with the symbol noting it as such, but my Samsung had an Android symbol next to it. I still like it for what it does and is a fun little tool to have.

Kevin Burns

Holy ads batman Wow ads take over and you lose your scan. Uninstalling!

Abbas Haider

I hate that app Plz don't download this app it is really fake not give IP

Ernest Clegthorpe

Simple, basic & functional Does just what I need. Scans local network, both wired and wifi, shows IP address, MAC address and manufacturer name (which is really useful). Doesn't show machine name though. An excellent tool.