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Avast! Free Antivirus

Avast! is a free antivirus program that is efficient and comprehensive. The tool is user friendly, supports optimized scanning options and constant updates.

Simple & Interactive

The latest version 17.2.2288 is simple to operate. The UI is highly interactive than previous versions. The sidebar features the key functions of the antivirus and the homepage is customizable so that users can access the app easily. The overall appearance of the app is uncluttered, featuring labelled buttons.

Highly Quality Protection

In terms of protection, the latest version of Avast! offers comprehensive protection to your PC. It protects your system against the latest viruses, spyware and hazardous sites. Its active community keeps the development team aware of new security threats so the updated version becomes more advanced than the previous ones.


Talking about the speed of the antivirus, it quickly scans the computer in layers. It takes less than a minute to scan. The optimized scan engine scans text content faster than the previous versions of the antivirus.

Overall, Avast! is a powerful free antivirus utility. It is relatively lightweight and has comprehensive features.

Client Review


User interface would not load. Tried fixing with install wizard a few times didn't work. Uninstalled and it wiped all files from the install drive. Sucks. Was not installed to C drive thankfully.


I have a paid version and after a year as I paid for two year one, well after a year my computer started slowing down and it will not up date it's self and say's I have to pay extra for it. It also keeps on telling me that my isp is up loading load of my browsing history and that if I got their VPN that would hid me but a friend of my mine who works with computers says that will not stop your ISP seeing were and what you browse and it's a con to get more money out of you. Oh and they have put a stop to my updates.


They bill you even when you do not want it and hide the autorenewal from you. They and Digital river make it almost impossible to stop a auto renewal.


Major con is that the company continually pops up ads that try to get you to upgrade to the paid version. One of the popups that's really disingenuous is the one about "213 junk files slowing down your computer", despite the fact that I use CCleaner and Wise Registry cleaner on a daily basis. A more minor shortcoming is that although you set the Update settings to "Automatic". . . they aren't. What you get is a yellow caution triangle superimposed on the systray icon to let you know updates are available. It is so tiny, you may go several days before you notice it. When you do, you have to click on the icon to open Avast, then click the "UPDATE" button to get the update. Other AVs I've had updated automatically in the background without any input from the user, and at the end, tell you the update has been made.