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Avira Free Antivirus Download

It is one of the most popular and demanding antivirus programs that has capacity to give security to your data, manage your system privacy and keeps PC free from malware attacks. Just install the app and relax about the security of your PC!

The free antivirus app provides security in numbers with the help of Protection Cloud Technology. One of the best parts of the security software is that it keeps you alert about threats in real time by analysing unknown files in the cloud. It doesn't interrupt your PC work performance as the app silently runs in the background. It delivers smooth and swift scans with just one push to its button. The work performance of the antivirus is fast, doesn't consume much resources of your PC, thus you will get fast browsing experience.

Noticeable Features

  • Using by over 100 millions of people
  • Provide protection to unlimited period of time
  • Advance artificial intelligence to block over 30 million threats daily
  • An award winning antivirus
  • Keep you alert in real time against security threats
  • Capable to block filthy or unprotected websites

Client Review


wont detect JS malicious scripts 

reporting is not great

Martin Hazell

I have a Pro subscription but after recent update I started getting random inappropriate adverts. On checking I discovered reset to free version, trying to upgrade back to Pro resulted in App stopping repeatedly. Only fix was to completely uninstall and re-inspection and reinput activation code. Updates should not do this.

Keith Green
Burkina Faso

I registered for Pro, and the app reflects a review in July 2019, so the Pro must be active. Click on Get Pro and i am told that im already registered. The app keeps offering me Pro and has none of the Pro facility available. Feeling ripped off

Ben Mart

When initiating a scan, the application now starts displaying it would update. - What exactly is it updating? - I had to update through play store shortly after running a scan. Since it takes quite some time for the play store to get new versions available I wonder how it is possible, that a new version was available through the play store where your application hadn't noticed the newer version on its own? PC desktop antivirus programs are updating virus definitions at least once every 48 hrs, how can this application ensure up to date security when it is only updated about every 50 days??? PS: Why is your review reply concerning what your scanner does with applications from different sources?!? - if you had read the review, you could have answered to your strange invisible update behavior, instead of starting an awkward and totally worthless statement about what your scanner is supposed to do!


All viruses gone! One question tho, why does it ask to scan a SD card when my phone has no SD card in it? Edit: It happens randomly as a notification and it scans something when I press scan, I still don't know what it's supposedly scanning if there is no SD card.