5 Excellent MBOX to PST Converter Tool to Export Data Flawlessly

"Convert MBOX to PST to access Apple Mail, WLM, Entourage and multiple other email clients' databases on MS Outlook. Third conversion tools will save your time of conversion and give an assurance of safe migration. Let's find which one is well-suitable for you."

An MBOX file is versatile, opens and saves data of multiple email clients. Unfortunately, the file extension doesn't support MS Outlook email client. MS Outlook saves its data in PST and OST file formats. Thus, conversion of MBOX to PST is the only way to access MBOX files to MS Outlook. There are two ways to achieve the conversion. One way is manually and the other is to take help from third applications.

Manual conversion needs technical help. It has a risk of losing the file quality or data corruption. On the other hand, third apps simplify conversion from MBOX to PST. If you find the second solution helpful, carefully pick the program.

Why Convert MBOX to PST?

There are various situations which trigger MBOX to PST conversion. When a company is planning to switch from WLM to MS Outlook, Thunderbird to MS Outlook, Mac Mail to MS Outlook and so on. When users want to access Mac Mail databases on Windows, the conversion can help you much. MS Outlook is a widely popular platform for email clients. PST file format allows you to store more data and avoid file clutter. These reasons can trigger you to switch from MBOX to PST.

Top Tools to Convert MBOX to PST

These tools have various advantages. They are lightweight and easy to configure. Reviews on them are mostly positive and encouraging. They are affordable and user-friendly applications.

Softaken MBOX to PST Exporter

Softaken is one of the most reliable online stores for conversion applications. It has launched various conversion tools and MBOX to PST is one of them. The site offers 24x7 hours customer care assistance, online chat support and quick delivery of its products. It contains more Pros than Cons.

Softaken MBOX to PST
  • Capable to perform quick, accurate and precise email conversion
  • Batch migration assistance to export more than one MBOX file at a time
  • Extract MSG, EML and EMLX file formats also
  • Create a separate file for each mailbox
  • Before exporting, get a preview of the selected MBOX file
  • Advanced file filter support to export selective files only
  • Save the new database to a new PST folder or an existing one
  • Support all versions of MS Outlook including 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016

  • Support and run only Windows platform
  • Don't repair corrupted MBOX files


GainTools MBOX to PST Converter

A simple application to simplify the conversion goal. You can convert unlimited data. The utility works smoothly. The conversion app is easy to configure and install. GainTools offers the app at attractive prices.

GainTools MBOX to PST
  • Convert multiple MBOX files to PST at once
  • Save conversion time with batch migration
  • Users can select output location to save the new converted data either new or an existed PST file
  • Along with MBOX to PST, migration to EML, EMLX and MSG format is possible
  • The tool is enabled you to create a separate PST folder for each converted data
  • Designed to operate in Windows OS only
  • Don't support conversion of corrupted MBOX files


Datavare MBOX to PST Conversion App

This is a straight app for those users who are not technically expert and looking for the reliable conversion from WML to MS Outlook, Mac Mail to Outlook etc. The software gives accurate conversion results.

Datavare MBOX to PST
  • Specialized in conversion MBOX to PST only
  • Export data with deep file filtration to find a desirable conversion
  • Save resultants to a new or an existed PST folder
  • A standalone application, works without installation of any third app
  • Users with little technical skills can handle the app easily
  • Compatible with WLM, Thunderbird and many other email clients
  • A Windows specific conversion application
  • Doesn't support repairing and conversion of corrupted MBOX files


Softknoll MBOX to PST Exporter

The program is advanced because it offers a bundle of features. Users who are looking for advanced converter can rely on the app.

Softknoll MBOX to PST
  • Perform conversion of Mozilla Thunderbird MBOX to PST
  • Support migration of MBOX to EML, EMLX and MSG also
  • Batch migration assistance to save conversion time
  • A professional application support non-English character conversion also
  • Support almost all Outlook editions including the latest 2016
  • A Windows application
  • Doesn't support Linux and Mac
  • It has no data repairing support


Toolsbaer MBOX to PST Converter

This is a simple tool like Datavare MBOX to PST. With this conversion app, migration from Thunderbird to MS Outlook is easy, fast and secure.

  • Convert selective MBOX files only to give the best results
  • Let you select a specific MBOX file manually
  • Convert MBOX files of any size
  • Make conversion easy and fast with batch migration feature
  • Save converted data to a new PST or an existed PST folder
  • work with accuracy, evaluated to give accurate results
  • This is the same Windows application
  • Doesn't support corrupted data conversion



All these MBOX to PST conversion are similar to a great extent. They have been designed to perform pure conversion instead of repairing MBOX files. You can rely on any of them. They have been evaluated for accuracy.

Users can exports all size and archived MBOX files. For data safety, we recommend you to keep backup of MBOX files to experience safe conversion.