Top 5 Merge PST Program to Merge Data Accurately

"Handling many files can become a reason of data loss because it is difficult to get control over multiple files. MS Outlook users face the same problem and to help them, merging small PST files is an ideal solution. Finally, merge PST tools have been introduced in the global technology market"

Since the Unicode version has been launched, a PST file can be stretched more than 20 GB. The data clutter problem can be resolved completely. Now, the point is merging PST files manually could be time taking and risky. Taking help from technicians can cost you more. The effective solution is to purchase a third application to find unlimited data merge support.

Why Merge PST Files?

ANSI version has been replaced with Unicode which allows users to stretch PST files more than 20 GB. With merge feature, ANSI version files can be compiled to create one big PST file. The data clutter problem is resolved by merging data.

Softaken Merge PST Application

Softaken is one of the most reliable platforms to place an order for merge PST app. The tool merges several small sized PST files in many different ways. You have the opportunity to merge both new and latest PST files altogether. It helps avoid data clutter in a few minutes. Try the demo version of the app and then go for its license.

Softaken Merge PST Pro
  • Multiple options to merge PST files
  • Merge by creating a new folder for each PST
  • Merge all contacts in similar folders
  • Merge only inbox and contacts
  • Merge only selective folders of a PST
  • Advanced options to remove empty folders
  • Merge multiple PST files at a time
  • Save merged PST files to the user's decided location

  • Merge only healthy PST files
  • A Windows-based application doesn't support other platforms


GainTools PST Merge Application

This is a straight app to install in your Windows system. The lightweight utility doesn't occupy much space in the system. It performs merge operation smoothly by leaving no data missed or corrupted. Install the demo version of the app and then go for its license.

GainTools Merge PST Pro
  • A simple application to be operated easily by all users even if they are not so technically advanced
  • Allows you to filter PST files by folder or files
  • Shows the list of selected PST files which can be modified by moving a file up or down
  • Users have the freedom to select the output location of a newly built PST file
  • This is a Windows-based system, doesn't support other platforms
  • It doesn't support repairing and merging of a corrupted PST file


Datavare Merge PST Program

Merge Outlook files using the Datavare merge PST app. This is a reliable application to assimilate PST files without any error. It supports 2 advanced ways to merge a PST file. Users have the freedom to merge PST files of their choice. The tool's wizard is interactive.

Datavare Merge PST Pro
  • A simple application to handle all alone
  • A well descriptive wizard to perform data merge task easily
  • The lightweight tool supports 2 ways to filter files- by folder and by file
  • Users can merge similar types of folders like only inbox or only contact
  • Create a separate folder for each PST file
  • The merged data is saved to the user's directed location with a new name
  • A Windows-specific application
  • Doesn't support a merge of corrupted PST files


Softknoll MS Outlook PST Merge Software

This is an advanced tool to amalgamate multiple PST files at a time. It supports merge data of both ANSI and Unicode versions. The wizard is simple and interactive. Users have the freedom to merge different sizes PST files together. It has the capability to merge password protected PST files also.

  • Perform high quality merge operation each time
  • Merge those PST files which are targeted by users
  • Enable to discard empty folder to stop merging of unnecessary databases
  • Fast and speedy merging procedure
  • clear broadcasting of files prior to the merge
  • Give users the flexibility to merge as many files as they wish
  • A Windows specific tool, support all Windows OS versions only
  • Doesn't merge those PST files which are inaccessible


Toolsbaer PST Merger

If you are looking for safe and easy merge assistance for PST files, installation of Toolsbaer PST Merger is an excellent idea. The software combines multiple PST files easily and with great accuracy. Once you hit the merge button, it merges data automatically. Thus, the conversion goal is achieved with top accuracy.

  • Save user's efforts by merging PST files automatically
  • Merge the only user's specified PST files
  • Smart broadcasting of all files before merging
  • Facilitate merging of many PST files into one PST file
  • Advanced feature to merge in a similar or separate folder
  • Doesn't support empty data merge
  • Support merge of healthy PST files only



Overall, all these PST file mergers are excellent to install in your Windows operating system. They will make you self-reliant to merge PST files on your own. Pick any of them to find the accurate data merging goal. These programs are lightweight and standalone.