How to Convert EML to PDF With Attachments? – Instant Solution

“Hi friends, I have thousands of orphan EML files. Now, due to some reasons I want to save backup of EML emails so I have decided to convert EML emails into PDF document format as it is safe and accepted everywhere. But I am not aware of the method to convert bulk EML files into PDF format with attachments. Can you please help me to solve my issue?”

Like the above query, thousands of queries regarding EML PDF Conversion are asked by users. Therefore, through this article, we will help users to batch convert EML data files into PDF format.

Why Need To Convert EML Email Files Into PDF Online?

By the above-discussed query, it is clear that both formats are different from each other. So, when users migrate from EML file format to PDF file format, he/she must understand the process to perform the conversion. Being a tech-savy user, I know that this is not an easy task. Before knowing the solution, let us know the reasons for this conversion.

  • Installation of a desktop email client is necessary to open EML files. However, PDF files can be accessed on any system.
  • PDF file is considered highly secure format to save important data of users.
  • You can use the converted PDF files for future use.
  • PDF file allows users to save the data in a systematized manner.

Manual Approaches To Convert EML Data File Into PDF Format

Yes, there are manual ways available to export EML files into Adobe PDF file format. But for this, users need MS Outlook or Thunderbird installed on their system. Here we are discussing two manual methods one by one for the conversion of EML items into PDF file format.

Using Outlook

MS Outlook allows users to export EML file data into PDF format with its in-built utility function. Follow the steps discussed here:

  • Open MS Outlook application and select EML email files that you want to convert as PDF format.
  • Here, go to File option and select Save as option.
  • Now, choose HTML format to save the file at desired location of your computer.
  • Select Save as by go to the Office button.
  • At last, select PDF file format.

Using Thunderbird

  • Open Mozilla Thunderbird application.
  • Select any Thunderbird folder and Right-click for Options.
  • Hit ImportExportTools add-on and select Export all messages in the folder.
  • Now, select PDF format.

For Selected Messages Export

  • Right-click on the targeted message. Click on Save selected messages option and then click on PDF format.
  • Use the Browse button and set desired location to save email messages (in PDF format).
  • Choose any folder to save PDF file.

Demerits of Using Manual Approaches

The above-mentioned manual tricks are easy to use but still there are certain issues which arise during the conversion process. Therefore, let us have a look at the problems faced by users with manual method –

  • The manual solutions do not assure safe export of attachments with EML emails. It means if your EML files have attachments & you want to move them in PDF format, manual solution is not your cup of tea.
  • In case you have few EML files to export into PDF format, you can go with manual solution. But in case of several EML files, you have to repeat the process again & again which makes it time-consuming & worthless. Also, more efforts are required for the conversion.
  • You need installation of either MS Outlook or Thunderbird on your system to perform manual conversion of EML data files into PDF file format.
  • Risk of losing email attributes and other information of EML files is there while exporting them into PDF format using manual method.

Automated Tool For Bulk EML Files To Adobe PDF Conversion

To eliminate limitations of manual solution, we highly recommend using automated tools as they are safe & offer quick results. One such smart tool is Softakel EML to PDF Converter. This is a highly suggested program by experts that supports bulk conversion without any supportive email client installation. The software scans EML files and successfully transfer emails with attachments into PDF file format. The application has a friendly interface due to this novice users can effortlessly understand its layout without external help.

Free Download

Steps To Convert EML Database To PDF Format –

  1.  Install EML 2 PDF Converter Tool on your Windows PC. Double-click the software icon to launch & open it.

Select EML Files

2.  Now, select EML File Format. Then, browse and load EML files that you want to               export as PDF file.

Browse EML Files

3.  Choose Convert to PDF file format. Then, click Next.

Export to PST Files

4.  Hit the Browse button and set a destination path to save PDF files.

5.Press the Convert Now button. This will export EML files’ data into PDF file format           at desired location.

Convert Now

In this way, bulk EML files are directly converted into PDF file format without any supported email client installation.

Advantages Provided By This EML To Adobe PDF Converter

  • The software bulk converts EML format files into PDF file format.
  • Keeping all attachments preserved, all emails into PDF file format are exported.
  • In few clicks, EML data items are safely exported by the software
  • No EML supported email client installation is required to complete the conversion.
  • Instant Scanning of loaded EML files prior conversion.
  • 100% safe and secure conversion of EML email messages into PDF file format.

Final Thoughts

So, in this post, we have discussed easy and free methods to convert EML database into PDF file format. Also, we have discussed pros & cons of manual method that’s why automated solution is highly suggested to use. The software is flexible and comfortable for exporting any EML client emails into Adobe PDF file format with attachments. To know more about the software, download the free trial version first before you buy the license version.

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