How To Import EML Files To Yahoo Mail Account In 5 Simple Steps?

In this article, you will get to know about how users can import EML files into Yahoo Mail account. It is clear to all users that EML files belong to multiple email clients like Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, Apple Mail, Outlook Express., etc. But Yahoo is a cloud-based email service that users can easily access through the internet connection. When users find the need to import EML data files into Yahoo account, they face issues. Therefore, through this article, we will discuss an effective solution to import the EML database into the Yahoo account. Before this, let us understand why users need to import EML emails into a Yahoo account.

Benefits Of Importing EML Data Files Into Yahoo Mail Account

Here are the benefits of uploading EML files data into Yahoo account –

  • To access EML data items with Yahoo on different devices.
  • Yahoo is a free cloud-based service that offers lots of storage to users.
  • Yahoo offers a free chat feature for users without downloading chat messenger.
  • Only an Internet connection is required to access EML files via a Yahoo account anytime and anywhere.

Automatic Way To Upload EML Database Into Yahoo Mail Account

There is no manual way to upload EML emails into your Yahoo Mail account that’s why we are providing a professional solution. With EML to Yahoo Importer software, one can effortlessly import EML files to your Yahoo Mail account. With this application, one can import EML emails with attachments into a Yahoo account. It allows an easy-to-use interface to be smoothly handled even by beginners.

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Major Queries Resolved By This Software Are:

  • What is the best software to upload EML email messages into the Yahoo webmail account?
  • How do I import multiple Windows Live Mail files into a Yahoo account?
  • How to upload EML email messages into Yahoo with attachments?

From these queries, we can easily conclude that a large number of users are looking for a solution to upload EML data items into Yahoo Mail account. To resolve all these queries, use this automated software & know its detailed process below:

Simple 5 Steps – Import EML Data Items Into Yahoo Mail Account

Firstly download & install the software on your system and then follow the next instructions:

  1. Open the software and choose the EML File format. Click Next.
  2. Select the EML folder of EML files and use the Browse button for adding EML files.
  3. Choose Export to Yahoo Mail account. Insert Yahoo Mail account login details.
  4. Now, choose any new or existing folder of the Yahoo account to import EML files.
  5. Press the Upload Now button and this starts the import task.

From this solution, we can easily conclude that this is one of the easiest solutions available at today’s time. It will perfectly perform the conversion and supports all advanced features. It has an easy working interface that allows quick transfer of EML messages into a Yahoo account.

Main Highlights of EML to Gmail Importer Software

It will smoothly move EML data items into your Yahoo account in batch mode. The application will also maintain all the properties of emails throughout the conversion. This tool allows direct loading of EML folders into Yahoo Mail accounts, which can be accessed by logging into them. It offers various advantages to users, which are listed below:

Batch Import EML Data Files:

The software supports the import of multiple EML files into the Yahoo account. The application supports batch importing of files. Users can directly move any number of EML files to their desired Yahoo Mail account irrespective of file size & number.

Import EML Files With Attachments:

While uploading emails to the Yahoo account, the associated attachments are well preserved by the software. It takes care of attachment formatting and size during the migration process.

User-Friendly Program:

The users can effortlessly work as the software designed in a simple manner. The overall working of this program is simple to understand without getting any technical expertise.

Fully Standalone:

To perform the migration with this automated tool, users don’t need to depend on any additional software. True login information of Yahoo account is needed for importing EML data files into Yahoo account.

Windows Compatible Tool:

You are free to utilize this program on all newer & older versions of the Windows operating system. It supports Windows 64-bit and 32-bit editions without any issues.

Direct and Safe Import:

EML files are directly and safely imported into Yahoo Mail account by using this software. You will not lose any email components like attachments, subjects, email headers, and other details.

Retain Originality of EML Files:

Throughout the migration process, the software keeps the internal structure of the EML database as it is. You will not lose or alter any data item. The program retains originality and data integrity throughout the migration process.

Supports All Healthy EML Files:

No matter where you get EML files. This software well supports all healthy EML files from Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird, Outlook Express, eM Client, etc. to upload into Yahoo Mail account.

Use Freely Before Purchase:

To analyze the performance of the software, download the free trial first. This will help users to import the first 25 EML files directly into their Yahoo account without any hassles. But to remove this restriction, apply for the license version.


This article proves to be the perfect choice for users to solve queries like how do users can open EML data files into their Yahoo Mail account. We have explained an instant solution to perform the migration using an automated solution. It has an interactive & well-expressive interface. The overall working of this valuable program is simple to understand even by non-technical users. To know more about this program, download the free trial first before you get the license edition.

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