Top 5 Split PST Program to Make Split Easy, Fast & Secure

"No matter whatever your reasons for splitting PST files, it can be fulfilled easily with advanced PST split tools. A PST file can be corrupted due to oversize. You can lose your important data. Before it happens, a split PST program will help you resize a file without technical help."

Any of you never want to lose important PST files. A PST file can get corruption because of the oversize issue. Dividing the file is the best solution. Now, you can resize a PST file as per your requirements. Custom file division feature of PST split programs will allow you to do so.

Why Split PST Files?

A PST file splits for various reasons. It can be due to an oversize issue. You want to extract an important folder from a big file. You want to get rid of unnecessary file burden.

Softaken PST Split Application

Now, leave the tension of oversized PST file behind because the Softaken PST Split is all here to resize PST. The advanced tool supports split features in three ways to let you find desired split goals. The lightweight app occupies just a few MB on your system.

Softaken Split PST Pro
  • Spit both Unicode and ANSI versions
  • Split results is accurate with no data loss and corruption
  • Split PST by size, choose either MB or GB to split
  • Split PST by folder, extract whatever the folder you want to
  • Split PST by year, extract PST file data by giving the difference in years like 2002-2005
  • Create a log report to show the number of files extracted

  • The software supports only the Windows system
  • It fails to extract or split PST files which are corrupted


GainTools PST Split Application

The GainTools PST Split app is remarkable from many points. The app is lightweight and easy to operate. No special technical help is required to understand its features. Installation and configuration are easy to handle all alone. The wizards of the app are user friendly.

GainTools Split PST
  • A simple application to operate split process smoothly
  • Allows you to filter the required PST file to split
  • Shows you a preview of the selected PST file
  • Each folder of a PST file can be opened and viewed
  • Show each mail components separately
  • Split PST to any size from MB to GB
  • Extract user's specified folders to split data
  • Split a PST file by year, including the respective year you want to split such as 2003-2006
  • Options to merge contacts in every split file or merge contacts in every latest split file
  • Ignore deleted folders and ignore contacts to be added
  • A Windows specific PST split program
  • doesn't support corrupted data


Datavare Split PST Application

This is one of the best programs to split large size PST files. The straightforward application holds one wizard to split PST files in many different ways. You have options to choose any of the given split options. The utility retains original structure and makes conversion easier.

Datavare Split PST Pro
  • A simple application with an interactive wizard
  • Deep file filtration support to pick required PST to split
  • Save the extracted data to user's decided location in the system
  • Split PST files by size, choose any size from MB to GB
  • Split data by folder to let you pick inbox, outbox, journal, calendars etc...
  • Optional feature to save contacts in a separate PST file
  • Split PST databases by year, pick your choice year to perform the split process
  • Support Windows Operating System only
  • Doesn't support the split of those PST files which are corrupted


Softknoll PST Split Application

You can install Softknoll PST split app to split PST files of different sizes. The software supports a smooth split process where users need to follow a few simple steps. The program helps to gain split without any stress of data loss and corruption. It offers a safe and accurate split.

  • Split large PST files in a few minutes
  • Doesn't stop working till the split process is accomplished successfully
  • Split both Unicode and ANSI version databases
  • Support advanced file filter to split only selective PST files
  • Support both new and archived PST files
  • PST split from Softknoll doesn't split corrupted or inaccessible PST files


Toolsbaer Split PST File Application

Download Toolsbaer split PST application to break oversized PST files in the way you like. The tool supports MS Outlook 2003 to the latest 2016 versions. It retains all formatting and properties of PST files. The tool installs easily and performs its split goal effortlessly.

  • Split PST files by size, folder and year
  • Give users multiple options to split data
  • Support ANSI and UNICODE versions
  • Facilitate email management easily by extracting inbox or outbox details
  • A tool for professionals
  • Give users an assurance of safe split
  • This is a typical Windows application, doesn't support other OS systems
  • Split those PST files which are healthy



All these 5 tools are favorite of many users because they give safe split results. They are trusted for accurate file division. You can pick any of them. Before finalizing a program, don't forget to install the demo version. If the demo version satisfies you, move for the license. They are available for all users. Both individuals and companies can utilize the app.