CCleaner for Mac

(Non-Commercial Freeware)


CCleaner for Mac Free Download

Install the freeware on your Mac to secure your computer. CCleaner is one of the most trusted free software that maintains your system performance by removing temporary files, cookies and various other unwanted data that can interrupt your computer performance. It maintains the speed of your computer by freeing up valuable hard disk space. With CCleaner you can maintain your anonymity, means more secure browsing. The user interface of the app is simple that may seem not very appealing to many Mac users.

CCleaner has a rapid one click analysis and cleaning setting that allows users to perform quick scanning of their systems. Some Windows supportive CCleaner are missing in the app because of Apple's sandboxing.

Customize Cleaning

The tool allows you to set cleaning as per your needs. You can set the cleaning or order the tool to clean the system at the time you feel necessary.

Improve Performance of Systems

Browsing picks up a number of unwanted files, history and cookies that can slow down the performance of your system. The utility cleans these unwanted files and free up hard disk space. Thus it helps to gain speed of your computer.

Browsing More Secure

Advertisers and websites keep an eye on your browsing behaviour with cookies, cached data and internet histories that make your identity unsecure. The utility saves your identity.

Client Review


No any dissatisfaction.


Need to be careful with checking boxes or some important files can be removed too.


I do not think it is a minus.


It damaged windows files.