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CCleaner is one of the most popular freeware cleaner, using globally by both novice and technician alike to give working speed to the system. It was launched in 2003. Since then many versions have been introduced.

Work Functionality

CCleaner removes temporary files, cookies and various other unused data that clog up your computer.

How does it beneficial?

Boost Speed of Systems

While browsing the internet your PC stores a host of unnecessary files, history and cookies. The same thing happens when you run programs on your system, holding lots of temporary files and settings are saved. At this stage, CCleaner is used to removes these temp files from your computer that helps to free up the hard drive space, thus enable your system to run fast.

Less System Errors & Crashes

When you notice error messages and experiences crashes often, the chances are that your registry filled up with broken settings and unused files. CCleaner is the program that you can rely on to fix the issue.

More Secure Browsing Experience

Many sites use cookies that make your computer data unsecure. With CCleaner you can easily remove these files to turn your browsing experience secure.

Personalize Cleaning

With this program, you are allowed to set the cleaning option that suits to your needs.

Client Review

Jaden Abbott

The app itself certainly helps my phone. I first ised CCleaner on my computer and then I found out it was available on Android. So I went ahead and installeded. Instantly I began to notice my phone's speed had greatly improved. The only thing I dislike about this maintenance program is the ads.

Dee Richardson

Latest update locked up my phone up for 5 minutes. I tried to power off and nothing. 7/11/2018 update needs some tweeks, just an observation. So, until it's upgraded to fix the problem, I'm not using it and my review will remain.

Susan Bennett
Czech Republic

It's new version doesn't clean up as good as it used to. It's all bells & whistles. I have manually clean apps caches. Why when Boosting Ram, do you want to hypernate my Security App? Very dangerous for my phone.

Mithila Dissanayake

I've been a fan and using this app now for like more than 2 years, but recently the scanning is way slower than it was, I don't know why is that but it's really annoying, hope yo