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Google Chrome for Work

Google Chrome for Work 43.02357.124

Google Chrome for enterprises provides support for centralized configuration, group policy and control on auto-update frequency.

Google Chrome for work allows the admin department to create specific installers which are pre-loaded with custom extensions. The utility gives the opportunity of customizing updates or auto-updates to find smooth work productivity. The custom configuration feature displays the extensions, apps and plugins employees are receiving.

Overall, Google Chromes is well suitable for small to large organizations.

Easy to Control & Manage

Google Chrome offers around 200 polices to meet the needs of your organization. The admin department of your firm can configure the extensions employees are receiving. The department can easily set the proxy server. Google Chrome works on Linux, Windows and Mac.

Simple & Easy

Chrome is capable to bring all your history, bookmarks and other settings to all your devices and automatically sign you to your tagged Google services.


Chrome keeps your computer and data safe as it supports high end secure technologies like sandboxing and safe browsing to provide protection against malicious sites and malware attacks.

Support to Popular Enterprise Apps

Chrome doesn't restrict enterprises to use important business apps like G Suite, Office 365 etc…

Download Google Chrome for businesses to reap its benefits.

Client Review


The speed of the new version seems to be slower than the older version, maybe it is because the current websites are complex than before?


I don't think it's cool that they track people.


the only one is that page title isn't shown - had to install add on for this.


Something happened today and I started getting refresh requests in Facebook but after the task was done, no results were evident and I was now stuck in an endless loop. I uninstalled the software but now I can no long get back to a working link on their site to redownload it so I guess I am stuck without chrome for awhile until it's is fixed. So fair warning if anyone else is trying to do this very thing, I'd wait!