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Macintosh Data Recovery - Today, many IT and MNCs have started using Mac. The graphical user interface-based operating system is one of the most powerful developments of Apple Inc. To make Mac more preferable OS among its users, Mac Data Recovery program has been introduced. This is a smart recovery program that takes a few minutes to recover the missed, deleted or lost data. It assists users to recover data from HFS, HFS+ file systems effortlessly. It is capable of restoring the data from damaged, formatted or corrupt file systems with higher accuracy. The advance software recovers files, folders, images, video files, audio files, documents and many other important items with ease. It is capable of recovering data from memory cards, iPods and external devices in case these are recognized as drive letters.

Key Features - MAC Data Recovery Software

  • Mac Data Recovery Tool recovers the lost data of Mac with higher accuracy
  • It is capable of recovering data from damaged, corrupted or formatted files of Mac
  • During recovery process, it efficiently recognizes and preserves long file names
  • Mac Data Recovery Tool supports data recover from SATA, SCSI, EIDE and IDE drives
  • It is a user friendly program that is operated easily even by non-techy people
  • It is compatible with all versions of Windows
  • The basic system requirements it needs are 64 MB memory and Pentium II processor.

Mac Data Recovery is an ideal program for corporate world where Mac OS is used widely. The program is able to recover Mac data like files, folders, documents and images easily and quickly after following a few simple procedures. There are varieties of reasons for the damage of Mac data such as disk failures, virus attack, disk formatting, operating system corruption, disk crashes and many more. It could be damaged even after precautions. If you don't save the Mac data to other operating systems, it may be a huge loss and to save you from this installation of Mac Data Recovery tool is an ideal solution. The tool supports almost all versions of Mac and supports data recover from different drives such as IDE and SATA. After recovery of the lost data, the software sets them up in a tree format so that users can easily locate the files they want to get back. Whatever the reason of losing the data of Mac the Mac Data Recovery Software is able you to recover it.

Download Free MAC Data Recovery Software

Try the free demo version of Mac Data Recovery Tool. It will help you to take decision of whether you should buy the tool or not. The free version works similarly to that of the full version but it restricts users to save the recovered item. Try the demo version first to reach to the point that the program is profitable for you. We offer you to buy the full version of Mac Data Recovery tool at an affordable price.

Client Review

It is100% Safe Mac data recovery software to recover deleted, formatted, inaccessible or lost data from Mac notebooks, Mac desktops or other storage media. Pros: Mac Deleted File Recovery Mac Formatted Data Recovery Mac RAW Partition Recovery
The Software Worked Like a Charm. I took no minutes to download and install 
              the software and luckily all my photos and videos were recovered from my inaccessible SD card. Pros: Fast and quick to recognize my drive and list out the required files
Jang Hajung
it helps me a lot! thank you! it really works! i need to recover my important vid which i delete! 4 of 8 are recovered but it worthy to it! thanks!
        Pros: free works
      Cons: nothing
Great FREE software, it worked! Highly recommended.

Wow, I am so glad that I have to write a positive comment about this software. It allowed me to recover a lost photo on my mac (that has been lost for around 4-5 months, by the way). Two other recovery programs found the picture but asked for a 80 euros key in order to get it back. Mac Any Data Recovery allows for 20 free recoveries. You can be 100% sure it works before giving your money, or can use it for free if you need to recover only a couple of important documents. And it found about 10x more files than a competitor. I guarantee if I ever need to recover more than 19 other files, I would pay for this software. And I encourage you to choose this software in recognition of their 20 free recoveries policy. 

Pros: Free 20 recoveries Easy to use Recovers LOTS of files

Cons: Got a warning that the developper is unidentified on my computer while downloading and it worried me that it could be corrupted