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Download Free Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most widely used open source web browser that gives experience of fast browsing. It was launched in 2004 to compete with MS Internet Explorer. Since then, the web browser has constantly listed in top 3 web browsers globally. With times, Mozilla Firefox has been updated to provide the best browsing experience. There are many key features of the Firefox that make it popular globally.

Easy Browsing Experience

Mozilla Firefox has a simple and effective UI aimed to make browsing quicker and easier. The tab structure of the browser has been adopted by many of its competitors. Recently, Mozilla has tried to simplify toolbar controls to just a Firefox button and back/forward buttons. The URL box allows direct search and the box just below the URL allows easy search on a particular topic or subject. The right side of the URL box features bookmarking, refresh buttons and history.


Firefox was the first web browser to introduce the world a private browsing feature which makes browsing more secure. Antivirus integration provides more safe browsing experience. The browser removes all cookies, downloads, searches and cached content as you shutdown.

Client Review

Brian Pretto
El Salvador

This app has been getting slow for quite some time. After readings some reviews, I cleared my app cache and it's lightning fast now! There is a setting that will clear data when you select "quit" which I've turned on now. Just be careful which options you select with it!

A Google user
Equatorial Guinea

Sadly recent upgrade does not work, even with Beta version on my Android 6 mobile. Does not load web site, but if I tap on a tab, I see web site in small window that will not go full screen. No probs with Firefox Focus, thank fully. Please remedy.

Andreas Toth

I've been a desktop Firefox user for a very long time now but only recently decided I will give the app a better chance. So far so good. One niggly thing, though: when a link is launched outside of Firefox and Firefox opens that link in a new tab and one taps the back button, the tab then closes. I really dislike this logic. Even Chrome does it. Please add a setting to leave the tab open and simply close Firefox. This is how tabs opened from Firefox behave. In fact, also add an option to define if Firefox should close or not including the option of displaying a toast saying to double-tap back to exit. Now that would be awesome!

Piotr Luczak

Chrome doesnt need to get its icon in the top bar. Chrome doesnt ask me for so many things to confirm. And it's slower than Chrome to load websites. Go back to the drawing board and release a version, that transparently replaces Chrome without being a pain in the ass while trying to do it. 100 million downloads? Who cares.