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.NET Framework

Download Free .NET Framework Version 4.0 4.6.2

The .NET Framework is a Microsoft consistent and comprehensive programming model for building apps which offer outstanding user experience, secure and seamless communication.

The .NET Framework 4 works side by side with older Framework versions. Apps that belong to early version of the Framework will not stop running in the latest Version 4. It runs smoothly on MS Windows.

The .NET Framework has marked a breaking change to MS tech world. It supports different languages like C#, C++, J# etc… One of the key advantages of the Framework is its interoperability. It means now developers of different languages can work together in the same project, no matter what is the languages supported for the Code. It gives guarantee of unification. The runtime of library will not influence no matter what the language the developer is using. It offers developers a strong class library. It gives flexibility to write less code without compromising the security and performance level of apps. For web development, the .NET Framework beats the obstacles the stateless internet by developing web server controls. .NET Framework has been developed as a powerful technology that efficiently meets the requirements of modern software development.

The latest .NET Framework includes the following features:-

  • Improvement in ADO. NET
  • Enhancement to ASP .NET
  • Improvement in CLR and BCL

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AWESOME basic amazing ..... Very useful

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