Netspot for MAC

Netspot for Mac

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Netspot for Mac

Netspot for Mac Free Download

The freeware for Mac has been launched to make wireless networking system smooth and productive. It is a native wireless information app that downloads easily and starts survey for your network site. The only thing you need to point to where you are on the map and the app soon starts measuring wireless signals. It collects your Wi-Fi data. The utility collects whole data that you want to analyse radio signal leakage, map channel usage and discover noise sources. It has various key features that users should know before installing.

Planning for Wireless Network

This is a wonderful survey utility for planning Wi-Fi. It allows users to install a map and gather wireless site survey data and create a detailed heatmap of your server.

Visualizing Wireless Network

The Wi-Fi network requires correct positioning of hotspots and proper assigning of radio channels. The utility offers to discover all dead zones without coverage. It is capable to efficiently optimize hotspots placement.

Fix Wireless Network Issues

With Troubleshooting visualization, users can quickly discover wireless and connection issues. It is easy to discover the source of noise and fix the networking issues promptly.

Client Review

J Wallis
Equatorial Guinea

Very useful... Now let's all get paranoid about privacy!! Who the hell cares if this app wants to know my location?! Is that going to harm me in some way? I don't think so. Walking around the house trying to figure out the best 5GHz channel to use and the best location for my WiFi extender this app is absolutely

Creative Data

This is really Only basic feedback : All it's missing is data usage from your Wi-Fi connection. Calculate each area of usage in home or calculate everything being pulled from that router/ modem/ signal. Give us accurate reports of what your actually using cause how many pages do I really need to state my Wi-Fi strength is .

Gordon Lane

Quite useful. It's easy to use and is a very good home app that meets its goal. Not intended to be a pro level tool, so don't expect every feature you would find in a dedicated network scanning tool. The majority of people downloading from the "Play Store" aren't professionals and don't need t

C Mill

Simple for non technical users I like the polling for various rooms in the house. Very simple to use. The best use is help deciding which channel to use. I used to have frequent