How to disable Google location tracking on Android

Google location tracking

"New findings that indicated Google tracks your location even when you have turn off your android devices"

Google continues to track your mobile device even you have opted out of its tracking services. If you are looking to shut down Google’s ability to see where you are, here are the steps you can take.

This is a critical issue and it may be blocked if you think it is though we warn you, it’s not exactly easy to reach them. You can change it through account settings to prevent users from disabling them.

To stop Google from tracking you, you can go to under your Google account. This will affect Google Home.

If you had rather not have your android phone tracking your location. Follow the given steps

  • Select settings
  • Go to Locate settings
  • Tap ‘Location History is on’
  • In the new window, toggle the switch to turn off for your specific device

Alternatively, you can navigate to Hamburger icon, Settings > Google Location Settings > Location and toggle off Google’s location settings