Privacy Policy

The privacy policy has been made to let you know that our website is the safest place to shop applications. There are a few points that we have highlighted for all browsers and customers. Please go through it. We have kept the policy simple and straight.

Types of Information We Need & Why We Need

Every visitor who visits our site is monitored by us to know their browsing activities. It helps us to improve the site performance. It gives us the chance to personal your experience by realizing your needs. We collect name, email address and other personal data of our registered users for a purpose. We keep in touch with them constantly through sending newsletters, updates and events. The reviews we get from customers help us in improving the customer service.

Do We Disclose Your Personal Information?

The personal data gathered by us is not shared to any third party in any situation. We use high-end security apps to keep your personal information intact in our system. We may share the information to our partners in one condition when they are ready for not to misuse it.

Note: We have the right to make changes in the privacy policy without any notice. Our registered users who want to unsubscribe our mails can do this easily as each mail has an unsubscribe button. To learn more, please feel free to contact us