Safari for Mac 10.0.1



Safari for Mac Free Download

It is Apple’s easy to use web browser. It is uncluttered because it has no annoying toolbars. Subsequently it offers smooth and fast browsing, allowing you to become effortless to navigate from site to site. Like other browsing apps of Mac, it is unbeatable in presentation. The downside of the app is that it doesn’t support as many as plug-ins supported by Chrome and Firefox, so there are limited options for customization.

One of the best parts of the app is that it is free. Install it to your system easily.

Satisfying Speed

Don’t wait pages to be downloaded. It offers instant approach to the latest news and stock reports. It quickly scans the selected URL and makes browsing fast.

Locate the Sites You Need

If you are looking for the site that you have visited in the past but don’t remember its URL, use Full History Search feature to quickly locate such sites. It helps you locate the site from scratch search terms. It keeps you alert about new updates of your favourite sites by highlighting a star in the corner of these sites. It has innovative features that clients expect to get in a good browsing tool.

Client Review

Hector Garcia Jr

First of all, keeps denying my information. Then after click back and fourth, you are able to sign. But the worst is, no way to enlarge the mailbox, only gives me last four or five. Totally dissatisfied and do not recommend.

Kurt Ross

Another add heavy browser. The focal point is the adds and "news". There is no way to clear the news threads like you can on chrome. Once you add your request to the search bar...guess what happens....your search is defaulted to chrome and you are now in chrome why bother with a adds focus...

Shuttitt Uppitt
Costa Rica

I was expecting to be unimpressed by this thing, but I was not expecting this! This browser does NOT have a MENU! Also, it's pretty slow, & it has trouble getting a lot of sites buttons to DO anything! UNINSTALLED!

Eliza Thornburg

It doesn't want to hook up to my phone to upload pictures and I can't look at certain things. It's very slow and worse than the other browsers that I have used. Definitely need to work on the picture problems. Also, i can't copy and paste anything that I want.