(Non-Commercial Freeware)



Ever since Safari has been introduced, the browsing experience is enhanced. The Safari 5.1.7 is a freeware, supports Windows XP/Vista/7/10 (64 bit). It gives support to multiple languages. Safari is a faster and more energy efficient browser. It makes navigation effortless.

More Browsing Space

Safari is aimed to emphasize the browsing experience more rich and supreme. The browser frame is just a single pixel wide. The scroll bar will be visible when you require. It doesn't have a status bar but has the download progress indictor that turns on during the loading of a page. The tabs were displayed at the top, thus the site viewing is clear. It makes web browsing experience amazing.

Easy Navigation

In case you want to open site that you have visited earlier, but doesn't remember the URL, try its Full History Search. Give the browser just a hint of the site, it will open it. If you are browsing site in Cover Flow, it doesn't need any hint or guessing.

Work Quickly

In terms of faster browsing, Safari has won the trust of users. Safari has ultimate browsing speed. Quickly load sites, show you news, stock price and many more.

Try the browsing by downloading it to your Windows system.

Client Review


none absolutely, its easy and convenient

Hector Garcia Jr

First of all, keeps denying my information. Then after click back and fourth, you are able to sign. But the worst is, no way to enlarge the mailbox, only gives me last four or five. Totally dissatisfied and do not recommend.

Shuttitt Uppitt
Antigua and Barbuda

I was expecting to be unimpressed by this thing, but I was not expecting this! This browser does NOT have a MENU! Also, it's pretty slow, & it has trouble getting a lot of sites buttons to DO anything! UNINSTALLED!

A Google user

Nice user interface and its ver fast