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Shockwave Player Download

Over 450 million desktops have Adobe Shockwave Player installed. The latest Shockewave Player is Windows tool that is available in different versions including Windows Full IE, Windows Slim IE and Windows Slim other browsers. Installation of Shockwave Player makes your browsing experience richer as it offers to access top quality content featuring 3D games, interactive product demonstration, online learning applications and entertainment. In other words, it shows the web content that has been created using Adobe Director.

It is a powerful media playback that you can easily installs in Windows XP, Vista and other latest versions of the Operating Systems. It also displays the web content which is made on previous version of Adobe Director and Director MX 2004.

It is advance than Adobe Flash. The player provides clear view of destination web content like e-merchandising applications, multimedia product demonstration and multi-user games. The version supports both Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Users can install the latest version of Shockwave Player to rip more benefits. Installation process is easy, doesn't need external support. Just follow the guidelines of installation to install the app.

Client Review

Dokta Whawee
Saudi Arabia

This app barely works. There is nothing else to it. When I try to export anything, nothing exports. Only once was I able to get anything to export,and that was only a couple sound files.

Music World

Only two words good app


Please create an app that can read raw files of this app

BK 007
Sao Tome and Principe

I Will give 5 star if it's support swf compression