Skype for Mac

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Skype for Mac Free Download

Like Skype for Windows, Skype for Mac is available to install free. It is one of the most popular free voice-over IP and instant messaging service platforms. Skype gives flexibility to make call, chat, share files and video calling. It gives permission to make calls to mobiles and landlines at cheaper rates. For this it is must to create premium accounts and subscriptions. The free app works on P2P technology to establish connection with multiple platforms including desktop, laptop, mobile and other handheld gadgets.

The voice call and video call quality is entirely depended on the speed of your internet service. It offers to share files securely. It gives facility of conference calling. However, some users have objected on its security and bandwidth usage.

Added Features

To provide the best user experience, Skype lets you update its latest versions. Always download the latest one to rip maximum benefits of the free voice-over. The UI has been improved for OS X Mavericks. Minor to minor audio bugs are identified. Skype's new contacts can now integrate with your Mac address book, so it is easy searched contacts. Video conference is offered at free of cost for up to 10 participants.

Client Review

Alex Kuepper

Overall very well thought out interface and easy to use but a few serious fallbacks with the software. Occasionally video/audio toggle buttons do not work and I can't see myself during video calls. The app also causes my phone to get extremely hot


In next update, please add ability to see whether a person read the txt or now. I only know their last login, but don't know which txt was read. Please also add ability to change font size, my aging mother can't read my texts. Loading messages is taking longer. This needs a fix! Lowering my rati...

A Google user
Central African Republic

Works on HTC Desire/froyo. Some small issue, but usable. Good luck Galaxy S owners! - update: after several years this app does not make anything more than other apps. Since MS bought Skype the usability went down and zero innovation. The p2p communication was killed as well. Uninstalled. Bye-bye

Alexander Bratovanov

The best calling experience for me. But the application is bulky and runs slow. Developers put in a lot of functions i am not sure many people use, but thigs like transfer the call to another devise, split screen support and many others are missing. I would prefer an application with much less c...