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Songbird Free Download

Songbird is an open source music player that can be customized to a great level. The software has lots of features. Songbird organizes your music collection so that you can easily play, manage and discover music. It is free to install. Plug-ins are available to enhance the features of Songbird.

Songbird interface looks like the iTunes interface. It means if you have ever operated iTunues, you will not face much problem to operate the app.

Songbird performs import task automatically from a selected folder. It is compatible with iTunes and lets you organize music in a handy. It is a complete tool for music lovers. One of the best parts of the software is that there is a large team of developers that consistently work to improve its features. So, install the latest version of the app to get maximum benefits.

Key Features

  • Playlist and track sync with Android devices has been upgraded
  • Added official support for Samsung Galaxy SII, Google/Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus
  • Support of global hotkeys
  • Keep monitoring your music folder to update the library
  • Smart playlists, built-in web browser and customer user interface
  • A host of plug-ins to update features
  • Constant support from developers to bring improvement

Client Review

Zachary Mulford

Unfortunately the apps videos don't work for me.I hope you can help out.

Laura Ihle

Really great time saver when looking for help to learn how to play my guitar! Highly recommended! Great app


fault app! its hack ur data


Very bad