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Spyware Blaster Free Download

All Windows users who want to make their browsing secure can install HiJack This. The free Windows based app carefully inspects your browser and operating system settings to create a log file of the current state of your PC. The software has multiple features. It makes your computer performance smoothen by allowing you to remove unwanted files and settings of your PC. The settings identified in the log file could be both legitimate software and unwanted malware. Although, it doesn't inform you for the results and warns you for malware, the decision to delete files and malware will be ultimately yours.

The tool scans your browsers and provides you with straightforward results that divided into categories. These categories might seem you ordinary but as you click the info, it will provide more details on what the entry is. Overall, this is an ideal app to keep an eye on browser elements. Download the latest version of the app to rip more benefits from the software. It comes with a process manager, alternate data stream scanner and HOSTS file editor.

>Key Features

  • Detects only the methods used by hijackers to force you onto their sites
  • Set the software to avoid target specific URLs and programs

Automatically generate a log file in an organized manner

Client Review

Alan Tanaka

Uninstalling now. I don't really know if it works however one of the ads you run is for WhoEasy. This company is the subject of fraud and unauthorized charges claims. Has a poor BBB rating. If you are a company that claims to protect consumers then you shouldn't be running ads for such a business. Edited: Thank you for reaching out to me so quickly. I've upped my rating to 4 stars for now. I've even upgraded so that will keep the ads out. Don't let me down.

A Google user

I have used this app on other Android devices. Worked flawlessly. On this device, it will not even load. Which I conclude that some type of spyware has found its way into this device, seemingly negating Incognito's download.

Article EightySix

I appreciate your prompt reply to my previous gripe, however your tweak was no remedy. The App appears to try to load, but then crashes as before. Norton likes the App and I have nothing else that would interfere ... I have a 'clean machine'. Android v4.4 (Lollipop). - Article_86


I've downloaded this App a week ago and I really don't know if it's doing the job it suppose to do? It tells me no spyware or malware detected when it's done???? I shall see in another week.