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Tape Data Recovery

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A Tape Drive is a data storage device that efficiently stores computer data on magnetic tape. It is widely used for archiving and backup purposes. Like other storage devices, tape drives could damage and got erased. In this situation, Tape Data Recovery software helps you greatly. It is an advance tool that provides accurate recovery of data from tape drives. It helps you to recover the useful data from damaged or corrupted tape drives.

The situations when you required Tape Data Recovery software:

  • Tape Drives get misaligned or damaged
  • The stored tapes accidently damaged or broken
  • Tap Drives got erased
  • System problems

Tape Drives can face such problems even after utmost care. If your important data is stored in tape drives and you have no other backup, you may put yourself into trouble. At this time, Tape Data Recovery program helps you much to recover data from damaged tape drives.

Key Features of Tape Data Recovery Software

  • Easy to operate
  • Tape Data Recovery Program recovers data from different types of Tape Drives such as LTO, DLP, DAT and AIT
  • The advance software allows you to restore data from damaged, erased, broken and misaligned Tape Drives
  • The software allows you to recover data from missing folders and files
  • It owns Live Update feature which keeps users of the program updated with its new versions.
  • The advance program supports Windows Vista, XP and many other versions of Windows

Tape Data Recovery program has been designed to recover the lost data of all kinds of Tape Drives such as Digital Audio Tape, Advance Intelligent Tape and many other Tape Drives. The speed of the software is excellent. It takes a few minutes to recover the lost data of Tape Drives.

The advance software works smoothly. It recreates the image of the damaged Data. The program applies an algorithm to quickly scan the affected Tap Drive. Once the scan is completed, it displays the lost items in a tree format. Users have freedom to save the restored data to different location.

Free trial of the Tape Data Recovery program is offered by us. You can try the demo version to evaluate the efficiency of the software. After getting satisfaction from the demo version, you can think of purchasing the program to enjoy its services fullest.

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What's this app good for? Restore lost data I hope.. I just don't wanna ruin my chances of actually recover some data lost after unplugging a USB drive from tablet without unmounting correctly. Will review these words right after you come up with yours! Thank you!

Christos Korosidis

Crap Is an advertisement app so you can buy other software later

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