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UC Browser (Fastest web browser) APK

Roughly UC Browser :

  • Abstinence and steady download,thanks to our omnipotent servers.
  • Motion property,enjoy videos, movies and TV shows without waiting.
  • Accumulation action,search as some as you impoverishment without torment near aggregation usage
  • Ad machine,range modify pages with no ads.

Important Features

  • Instantaneous Download
  • Ironed User See
  • Assemblage Protection
  • Ad Block
  • Recording for all tastes
  • Facebook Property
  • Period Fashion
  • Speeding Downloads

Our servers speeding up and stabilise downloads. In addition, if any dropped connections UC Browser continues downloading from the breakpoint.

  • Shine Somebody Receive

No much freezon pages. Like the smoothest Internet surfriding.

  • Aggregation Saving

UC Application compresses assemblage, speeds up piloting and helps you book a lot of celluar aggregation traffic.

  • Ad Obstruct

Ad cast functionality enables you to go on webpages without being displeased by ads .

  • Facebook Fashion

This unequaled feature speeds up Facebook disregardless of your material state. UC Browser always finds the way to increment your netowrk zip.

  • Night Style

Controller to nighttime way to interpret more comfortably at nighttime.


  • You can agaze 20 windows simultaneously now!
  • Rich investigate and writer pleasing programme
  • Safer eating participate with incognito style

Client Review

mnemosine itahncristos

This browser is so beautiful in night mode with pictures in dark colors and enbling certain settings with fasta speed. the browser becomes transparent in nice pictures as themes.. i loved it. if there was a way to put my personal adblock list to remove all the google ads, that way this browse

A Google user

I liked the app, but the permissions is too much! Why do you need a permission to access my contacts, sms, calls, location, camera, text and call logs, whyyy?? Youre just a browser! Youre not a launcher! And you know why do they have that fast download, because its connected to chinese servers,

Tiffany Ruby
United States

At UCWeb,we take security and privacy very seriously and work hard to comply with local regulations of each region we operate in. All movements we have been doing are common practice in the Industry.As of August 22 we have not received any notice from the government regarding this inquiry. we will do close communications with concerned parts.

Aldo Colombo

I'm using this app sinse long time. I love this app. But its new update is little bit problematic. While using UC if i switch to any other app or to see sms or any notification but when switch back to UC it start from begining then restore previous pages and reload which killllllllls me to wait

Linson James
United States

I have been using UC since last 04 years, and I am genuine fan of it. UX awesome, download speed super fast and browsing at par with any other browser. I have tried using Chrome, opera, dolphin but never found them as intutituve and easy to use as UC. Gud work team UC.

Wim Bernaerts

This app is good but the more update the worse it goes. The save input saving is the only thing I like most when using the apps and I can click what I want to go right away and with new update it's limited to 3 now which make it's a little odd when I have more than 6 pages save in previous versi..

Christian Dobrevr

Absolutely bad with the notifications and pop-ups. Was thinking of switching from Chrome only because of the smoother page loading and convenient back and forward navigational gestures. Wish there was a premium version i could buy that will get rid of the ads. But that's not going to happen