(Non-Commercial Freeware)


UC Browser Free Download

It is a Chromium based browser that offers all the benefits of Chrome along with some unique features to make browsing experience rich and interesting. Install the updated version of UC Browser to experience the best browsing. Due to its reliability and speed, it has been using by the judicious Android users for a long time. Now, the latest version of it supports Windows users.

The interface of the browser is sharp and interactive. It offers hassle free search over the internet. It has no navigation and toolbar buttons. The browser is free to install in your Windows based system.

Key Features

  • Give speed to downloading! The browser accelerates downloading of files and web pages
  • It is a Video grabber that lets you install videos with just one click
  • Let you watch video in a separate window during browsing
  • UC Ad Block feature to keep you away from unwanted advertisements
  • The browser supports Google Chrome extensions; users can easily install their favourite Chrome extension from Chrome web stores.
  • Customize your UC browser themes and background
  • The web browser runs smoothly with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1 and 10

Client Review

mnemosine itahncristos

this browser is so beautiful in night mode with pictures in dark colors and enbling certain settings with fasta speed. the browser becomes transparent in nice pictures as themes.. i loved it. if there was a way to put my personal adblock list to remove all the google ads, that way this browser can be the new standard in web browsers. I loved it so much. I have a nokia 7 TA-1041 by the way. maybe that's why my cellphone runs so smoothly with this browser. I am gonna recommend this browser 100 %. Browser companies we have a winner. If there is a way to support this browser i am gonna do it. The only thing i did not like is that the same features aren't available for the desktop version of this browser. But the mobile version is miracle.

A Google user

I liked the app, but the permissions is too much! Why do you need a permission to access my contacts, sms, calls, location, camera, text and call logs, whyyy?? Youre just a browser! Youre not a launcher! And you know why do they have that fast download, because its connected to chinese servers, and if you are using this app, your connection and personal informations may be hacked, that is because the connection provided by the app is not encrypted, dont download this, its too suspicious.

Assad umar

I'm using this app sinse long time. I love this app. But its new update is little bit problematic. While using UC if i switch to any other app or to see sms or any notification but when switch back to UC it start from begining then restore previous pages and reload which killllllllls me to wait again to laod for already loaded pages. Please fix this as it was in previous version. Thanks

raval deven

I have been using UC since last 04 years, and I am genuine fan of it. UX awesome, download speed super fast and browsing at par with any other browser. I have tried using Chrome, opera, dolphin but never found them as intutituve and easy to use as UC. Gud work team UC.