uTorrent for Mac

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uTorrent for Mac Free Download

uTorrent is one of the most popular utilities for Mac users. The app has many useful features like bandwidth prioritization, scheduling and compatible with BitComet-Mainline DHT. It gives support to peer exchange and the Protocol Encryption join specification.

The popular Bit Torrent Client is easy to install. The reliable utility is capable to install peer-to-peer file sharing. It is a lightweight app with simple interface.

uTorrent offers everything that Mac users would expect from a reliable torrent downloader. The utility has automatic shutdown, RSS feeds, download scheduler and many more features. Though, uTorrent for Mac has some features missing like a built-in player and complete search options.

Its version 3 allows you to play media in streaming as users comment, rate and download torrent files.

  • The utility installs quickly. The latest 1.8.7 has 6 MB memory.
  • Key attentive Features
  • Custom PDD
  • BitTorrent Labs icon to the status bar
  • Keyword shortcut to refresh ads
  • Peer exchange
  • Change logging in setting to remove OpenX

Client Review

Govind Purohit

Not working like it used to do, when I set the number of active torrents to one, and it doesn't starts the next one after the completion, either it starts seeding the same or it just closes (if the option "Auto Shut Down" is turned on). Previously it was great I've always been able to place 8-10 ...

Bilal Naeem
Democratic Republic of the

You can't even 'select all' to easily choose which files to download. So with a torrent with hundreds of files you have manually unselect each one, one by one. Would be good if you can prioritize files too. Also, scrolling file names would be good so that you can see the full file name. Edit; I 

Ashish upreti

The download of got took me 3 hours I waited patiently and it finished too. Then u torrent did the best thing it could IT DELETED THE WHOLE FREAKING DATA AND RESTARTED THE DOWNLOAD AND DID THE SAME AGAIN FOR 2 MORE TIMES. In PC it works butter smooth just one ad and no bugs but in mobile you guys...

Christopher Ferguson
Costa Rica

Just upgraded from a Galaxy S7 to the S9 and the app was far better on the S7. The S7 app had the remote app integrated into it and I was able to add torrents to my phone or computer and have them queued waiting to be downloaded instead of automatically starting them once they're added. Idk what.