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Windows Data Recovery

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It is well-known to all that Microsoft Windows is the most favourite Operating System among corporate professionals. It is a user friendly OS. The features of the OS are simple and easily operated by both techy and non-techy people. Windows OS uses New Technology File System (NTFS) and File Allocation Table (FAT) to store data and to get data from hard disk and various other storage media. But due to hard disk formatting, virus, loss of MBR, system shut down problem etc… lead to the loss of stored data of Windows OS. The Windows Data Recovery program has been designed to recover the lost data of Windows. It is an advance program that swiftly recovers the lost files and folders of Windows.

Key Features Windows Data Recovery Tool

  • Windows Data Recovery program recovers damaged and deleted items of Windows
  • The software smartly recovers the lost folders and files
  • Save the loss of data due to Boot Sector, MBR or File Allocation Table
  • It is capable of restored the data that is lost due to formatting of hard disks
  • Restored the files that get virus attack
  • Windows Data Recovery system is a sophisticated tool to recover data even if the disk partition has been formatted with different file systems
  • It supports USB, ZIP, PAN, IDE, EIDE drives
  • The program doesn't cause any problem in supporting the long named files
  • Automatic update is offered to keep you updated with the current version of this advance program
  • It supports FAT 16 and 32
  • It supports NTFS and NTFS5 file systems to provide accurate recovery of Windows files
  • The software supports Windows Server 2000 to 2012 and Windows OS Vista, XP, 2003, 98, 97 etc…

Windows Data Recovery is an ideal program for the corporate world to manage their important data. It is a high-end recovery program that restores the lost data from the hard disk drive of your computer. It recovers that data that has been permanently deleted through Shift + Delete option. The recovered files are displayed in red colour so that users can easily recognize them. To provide great accuracy to the recovered data, Windows Recovery program supports three scanning modes.

Windows Data Recovery program supports the extensive scanning mode which is an advance mode to recover the files that have been lost due to partition deletion, partition format and re-formatting of hard disk partitions. You can use the mode when you require to fetch the long time ago deleted files and when the Quick Scan unable to perform well.

The speed of the scan is slow but is an effective scanning mode of Windows Data Recovery program. Use it when both Quick Scan and Extensive Scan fail to give the accurate result. It is able to recover the lost files from hard disks.

After recovering the lost files, Windows Recovery Software organizes the lost files in a tree like structure. It restores thousands of lost files so it can be difficult for you to find the specific file that you want to save it again. Therefore, the program supports "search option" to easily find the particular file. The software supports preview option of the selected file. There are various software settings:

Download Free Windows Data Recovery Software

The demo version of Windows Data Recovery program is available. It is a free demo version that you can download to your system to evaluate its efficiency. The demo version will don't allow you to save the recovered file. To enjoy the program fullest, you can purchase it from us. It is available at an affordable price.

Client Review

Josh Gordon
Myanmar (Burma)

I chat believe Google play or allowing this scam and possible to be very dangerous. We don't know who these people are. This app could be a hack for all we know. IPhone here I come.

SluttyMc Buttsex

Doesn't do a very good job. Lack luster at best

Michele Holmes

I deleted some videos that I thought were gone. FOUND THEM


It is bulshit Not work