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Windows Live Messenger

Windows Live Messenger Free Download

It is a common instant messaging client, developed by Microsoft. The messaging tool is best known as MSN Messenger. It installs easily on multiple platforms including Windows, Xbox 360, Blackberry, iOS. Zune HD and many moreā€¦ The client was first released in 1999. There were over 330 million active users of Messenger by 2009.

It latest version 16.4 was released in 2012. Apart from instant messaging, the latest versions offer many incredible features:-

Album Viewer

The feature is based on Windows Photo Gallery which offers top quality photo sharing and viewing experience through Facebook and SkyDrive. The photos can be viewed in slideshow modes.

Appear Offline to Particular Individual Contacts

The messaging tool allows you to appear offline to particular contacts and an entire category.

Integrate Easily with Social Networks

Users can easily establish connection with top social networking sites such as LinkedIn, MySpace and Facebook. MSN Messenger allows direct sharing of photos and updates to social networking sites.

Send Offline Messages

Even your contact is offline you can send messages to them. They will the message as they come online.

Games and Apps Access

WLM supports a range of games and apps which can easily access through the conversation window by clicking on the game icon. With this client, you can play invite your Messenger friends to compete with you.

Client Review

Federated States of

I get hacked log time ago


Do not want this on my computer, I don't use it nor have any need for it any longer and wish to uninstall it, which so far has proven to be an impossible process.


i 'm not familar with it

Marshall Islands

This is why I want to give up on Windows Live Messenger completely. It is almost impossible to install and uninstall. The whole process is utterly infuriating. For some bizarre reason, Messenger has decided not to co-operate, and I can no longer open it. It is clearly not installed on my system anymore. However, whenever I try to reinstall it, I'm blocked, as I am falsely told that I already have it installed? And, you can forget about support. Forums are just another word for "Accountability avoidance".