Windows Live Movie Maker


(Non-Commercial Freeware)

Windows Movie Maker

Windows Live Movie Maker

Windows Live Movie Maker has been designed for the budding videographer who wants to go beyond creativity. Making movie is just like at the tip of your fingers. It offers quick support by importing the footage from your computer or camera to movie maker, after that makes editing easily and gives a personal touch to the movie the way you want. As the video is edited, share it to your near ones and post online and mail them. It is remarkable.

Windows Live Mail is a freeware, one of the best video makers by transforming your simple video to a piece of art.


The original camera file on the hard drive is not modified. The copy of the file is modified. Thus, you are allowed to make several videos in different versions.

The edited video can be exported to the video camera if the camera gives support.

The software can be used to publish and edit audio tracks.

Effects & Transitions

The text screens of the title is animated that can be put into the beginning or end of the movie.

Set the brightness, contrast, give some dramatic effects.

Download its updated version on your Windows 8, 10, XP and Vista.

Client Review


Not available for download here. You can find the genuine copy archived available in all languages at


It's too limited. Not many options. Compression looks pretty bad.


Full of bugs, some fixable, some fatal.


CPU w*o*e, but at least the video is good quality. go to taskmanager and reduce the priority, and if you have multiple CPU cores, use one so you can use your pc while it's working.