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Windows Media Player

Windows Media Player Free Download

The freeware lets you enjoy all your favourite songs and movies by organizing them. It is one of the most popular media players that run smoothly in Windows supporting systems. It is a highly interactive app. It helps to organize and play your multimedia files. You can play sons, videos, pictures and recorded TV with just a few simple clicks. The player allows you to sync your favourite media files to a portable device to enjoy on the go. It encourages easy sharing of media files to multiple devices of your home.

Easily Manage Your Media Files

As you take the first look of the app, you can notice the interface is tailored to help you organize media files easily. The libraries of WMP are well structured to provide quick access to pictures, videos, music and recorded TV shows. It has a quick search option. The player is controlled easily.

Enhance Audio and Video Playback

Microsoft Windows Media Player gives your complete enjoy of movies and music by supporting a graphic equalizer to easily adjust the sound frequencies. The video setting can be adjusted, let you set the hue, contrast, saturation and brightness to experience amazing video quality. Overall it is a good choice for those who are looking for easy-to-operate media player.

Client Review


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Dominican Republic

Hard to be polite. Jumbles titles and songs within album, adds duplicates to everything, doesn't list entire library, totally unreliable for anything except screwing up

East Timor (Timor-Leste)

Everything else. You can only keep an MP3 file like a song for a few days until there's an error. It's been like that with ANY other version.


It is chronically corrupted, my library is filled with duplicates of tracts and discs, no fixed pattern as to why. Opening WMP can take a long time, all other operations are stalled while it "updates library", no option to do this later or not at all. It is chronically corrupted (Windows Fixit does not help). It is often balky, taking a minute to allow me to edit a title. The message "Windows Media Player is Not Responding" is so common I think they should just change the name to WMPNR and it locks everything else up while it dithers. I'm looking for alternatives for my simple needs of copying audiobooks and cds for my ipod. Imagine, it is a struggle to do these simple tasks... and has been for years, someday Microsoft will fix the problems