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Yahoo Messenger

The updated version of Yahoo Messenger will keep you connect with friends and dear ones. It has a bunch of features that make the app excellent for chatting.

Easy to Setup

Yahoo Messenger is compact. It is easy to install the freeware. 100% free downloading is offered.

Easier way to stay updated

Keep yourself updated from your friends in the detailed messenger list. It is easy to know what's is going on among friends by going through their updates.

Show Your Status

With this feature show what is in your mind by easily adding emoticons and links to your status.

Watch Video Together

Now invite your friends to watch a video together. It allows you to easily share videos from many popular sites.

Instant Messaging

Yahoo Messenger is compact. It is easy to install the freeware. 100% free downloading is offered.

SMS Feature

It sounds amazing but it's true. The Yahoo Messenger helps to send text message (SMS) through mobile phones..

Make Connection with New Contacts

Join a chat room where you can connect with many Yahoo messenger users and discuss with them over any topic.

Make PC to PC Calls and PC to Phone Calls

The messenger allows you to make such calls at a very low cost and save your money.

There are lots more, download it today!

Client Review


Im surprised Cnet did not review the new version of yahoo Messenger! So Im using old version to post my Review! This is Pure crap The newest version that is! They removed Audio and Video Chat! So you no longer cam chat with anyone anymore! Yahoo really sucks! I like the Old version Messenger better! Skype is crap its hard to log on to your account! So F U yahoo!


This is a great app


now yahoo has sold out to big corporations and wants to know who you are by a phone number so they can track you information and what you are interested in.


1.Online installation failed from on Windows 7, I had to download the offline install from filehippo.

2. Audibles are not animated after being received on recipients computer.

3. Had trouble connecting to yahoo email from the email notifier link until I switched my yahoo email to use non ssl sign in.

4. Does not load if using Microsoft Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit unless the programs Data Execution Prevention box is unchecked in EMET.

5. No email support anymore. Seems a lot of big internet companies just try to pawn us users off to a forum to get help from other users.

6. Has not been updated in quite a long time.

7. Would like to see a version without social integration(Facebook) and also without webcam microphone support since I have no desire to use either.