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(Non-Commercial Freeware)

ZONE-ALARM Free Firewall

Zone-Alarm Free Firewall Free Download

Zone-Alarm Firewall is one of the most downloaded firewall apps. The latest version of it has seen lots of improvements to make user's experience better with the app. The non-commercial free app is remarkable for those users who want to block hackers from infiltrating their systems. The advance utility keeps your system free from viruses that play a significant role in slow down the computer speed. It also keeps your computer free from spyware that steals your personal data like password etc…

It is true that users don't need to a third-party firewall because Microsoft has decided to provide built-in firewall in Windows XP, but it is still good to install Zone-Alarm. It is a reliable and efficient security tool to give high quality protection to your system from security threats.

Zone-Alarm has interactive feature. Users are allowed to choose the level of security for their systems like high or medium and they can also set the type of program control they wish. The facility gives you control on exactly which programs access your network. It supports a 'game mode' that can disable most alerts for a temporary period of time so that you don't get interruption while enjoying your game on the PC.

Key Features

  • Configuring the app is so easy. It doesn't take much time
  • Systematically identifies hackers and capable to block access attempts
  • Give security to your PC from viruses and spywares
  • Efficient and reliable app for personal users
  • Support a Game mode

Client Review

G.P. Morris

I installed this app, gave it the permissions it wanted and told it to start. If immediately told me my trial period was over and asked for 99¢/Mo. It's now uninstalled and I'll live with AVG and PIA VPN. It's a shame. I've used ZA on my PC since it first came out. But I'm not trying anything without first trialing it

Harold Bouchard

I suspect this is some kind of scam, read more says 30 day trial, I downloaded, hit open from the play store, go and the swipe left permissions, gave it all but location, it says all set, then scans turns red says I'm infected, then a little Google Play window pops up saying my subscription has ended and wants me to pay for it, what is this some kind of ransomware?

Doyle Watson

I am writing an add on to the below complaint and adding a few stars since I discovered something in settings that allowed me to "reset" the subscription, if you run into the same thing that I did, look in settings and see if you have something called "restore purchases", if you do it should correct the issue, at least it did for me, however, since they're reply was "scripted", I chose to only increase two stars, giving them four instead of five. 

Pete Ballantyne

My question is why am I being charged $4.09 a month when this page quotes 99cents/month? Can't be the exchange rate between the Canadian and a US dollars. l should note that I am a 25 yr user on our PCs